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Every life has its challenges, yet getting professional support at difficult times can transform stressful, even painful issues into a source of fresh hope and inspiration.

Welcome to the website of Peter Crowe Counselling and Coaching. Here I introduce my practice, and post ideas and articles relevant to my professional work as a psychotherapist, counsellor, coach, facilitator, mentor and consultant. I also include an introduction to psychosynthesis, the particular psychology at the heart of my therapeutic work. 

Psychosynthesis goes beyond treatment of illnesses to foster well-being and personal fulfillment. While psychotherapy is effective in the treatment of psychological disturbance, psychosynthesis psychotherapy benefits people seeking peace of mind and looking to discover greater meaning and joy in their lives. I work with a full range of client issues from those that constellate around crisis to those that represent the challenges of awakening – particularly since these experiences are frequently interconnected. 

I also offer ecotherapy: a form of therapy that involves working outside in nature.

My coaching work focuses on the understanding of a recurrent issue, or on developing a new initiative. Since the structure of an organisation emerges from the conversations we hold with others, effective communication is an indispensible component of any creative enterprise. I work with leaders to help them realize their essential qualities, refine their critical thinking skills and ensure they are able inspire others with a powerful sense of vision. In this way, individuals and organisations are able to deepen their understanding, improve their effectiveness and optimize performance. 

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