photo of Peter Crowe

There comes a point for each of us when we feel tested to our limits. Yet, seeking professional support during these challenging times can transform stressful, even painful issues into the source of new hope and inspiration.

Welcome to Peter Crowe Counselling and Psychotherapy. On this site, I introduce my practice, and write about my work as a psychotherapist, clinical supervisor, group facilitator and trainer. I also include an introduction to psychosynthesis, the particular psychodynamic and integrative psychological frame that informs my therapeutic work. I work with a wide range of client issues from those that constellate around psychological crisis to those that represent challenges of awakening – particularly since these experiences can often be interconnected. 

While the focus of most 'therapy' is on the relief of symptoms and the treatment of illness, a synthetic approach to psychotherapy looks beyond psychological disturbance to address questions of well-being, personal fulfillment and self-expression. In my practice, we engage with the obstacles that prevent people experiencing the fullness of their human being, and guide them to discover more joy and meaning in their lives. This may involve ecotherapy, an approach to understanding individuals and groups in the context of the rest of nature.

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