Ecology is concerned with the interrelationships of living systems. Therapy helps to bring unrealized aspects of our being into awareness. Ecotherapy then, is concerned with how we locate ourselves in this more-than-human universe.

Caught up in modern life we can all-too-easily find ourselves estranged from the embodied reality of human being and alienated from our source, the earth. By acknowledging our part in a greater whole we may come to accept our mortal limitations and rediscover our primary bond with our environment.

Ecotherapy encourages people to develop greater awareness of their own nature, their relationships with each other and the environment. Spending time outside means we experience ourselves in a wider and more systemic context. We soon begin to question the tacit assumptions that separate humans from nature and rediscover our place in an ecology of diversity.

Remembering our bonds to the earth can begin the healing of often painful splits from our physical and emotional bodies and bring relief to repetitive cycles of anxious thinking.

Presence is a spiritual state of being. Making time to be fully present each day helps each of us to connect to a more inclusive sense of existence and life-affirming consciousness. From the wonder of a sunrise to the silent cathedral of a forest, the simple practice of attending to our own existence and fully present to own experience of being, brings us to become more fully ourselves.